Design Icons 2024 in Amsterdam

Design Icons 2024 in Amsterdam

Once upon a spring in Amsterdam, a duo of design enthusiasts embarked on an inspiring journey to the Design Icons event. The weekend of April 6th and 7th, 2024, was marked by anticipation and excitement as we traversed the vibrant streets of the city, where modernity and history blend seamlessly. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the buzz of creativity; the air was electric with the energy of vintage design.

Amsterdam Design Icons 2024 De Kromhouthal

The event was held at the Kromhout Hall in Amsterdam North. De Kromhouthal is an event location situated on the IJ in Amsterdam North. This impressive industrial venue, spanning over 5000 square meters, was formerly a factory hall before its transformation into an event space in 2012. Over the past decade, it has evolved into a leading destination for various events in Amsterdam.

Clocks and desk lamps at Amsterdam Design Icons 2024 in De Kromhouthal. Photo by

This Design Icons fair featured seventy-five professional vintage design dealers from across Europe. They showcased their finest pieces from the 1930s to the 1980s. We wandered through rows of cutting-edge exhibits, each piece a testament to the power of human imagination. Conversations with visionary traders opened our minds to new perspectives.

Amsterdam Design Icons 2024 in De Kromhouthal. Photo by

At a recent design event, enthusiasts and collectors had the opportunity to witness an extraordinary exhibition of vintage and modern design elements that seamlessly blended history with innovation. Among the highlights were the iconic lamps from the design house of Harvey Guzzini, known for their Space Age aesthetic and innovative use of materials. Visitors were also treated to the elegance of Art Deco through the masterful creations of Jindrich Halabala, whose chairs are celebrated for their timeless design and comfort. Adding to the allure, Murano lamps cast a warm glow, their intricate glasswork reflecting centuries-old Venetian craftsmanship. The 1980s made a bold statement with conceptual furniture that challenged traditional forms, alongside the Swatch wristwatches, which have evolved from simple timepieces to rare sophisticated gadgets. This event was not just a showcase but a dialogue between eras, proving that design is an ever-evolving language spoken through the ages.

Pile of seats at Amsterdam Design Icons 2024 in De Kromhouthal. Photo by

Amsterdam's North area, a vibrant and rapidly evolving district, is becoming increasingly renowned for its eclectic mix of refreshment options. Next to event hall is Oedipus Brewing, a local brewery known for its innovative approach to craft beer. With a colorful taproom and a selection of unique brews, it was favorite among both locals and Design Icons visitors seeking a taste of Amsterdam's creative spirit. Equally compelling was our dinner choice named Hangar restaurant, an establishment that combines industrial chic with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here, diner’s menu showcased a culinary experience that perfectly complements the laid-back ambiance of the North. These establishments, along with a host of others, make Amsterdam North a must-visit destination for anyone looking to recharge and indulge in the city's dynamic food and drink scene.

Amsterdam Skyline View From Nord

As the event drew to a close, we left with hearts full of inspiration, ready to infuse our daily lives with the essence of design we had witnessed. It was an unforgettable weekend where passion for design connected souls and sparked ideas that would resonate long after the departure from the hall of design innovation.


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